This book, written by Amin Azarian and Mustafa Charmgar with an introduction by Hossein Abdeh Tabrizi, has been published. Dr. Abdeh wrote in the preface that the authors have collected useful information in this book, including the common terms used in the Iranian stock market and beyond. Beginners in the market will undoubtedly benefit from reading this book and will acquire the basics that are necessary for their work. Some books must be read that make a difference in our lives. Many things make us turn to a technical book and have a positive evaluation of it: first, as readers, we learn something from it; it captures our interest in certain topics; those topics are described clearly and provide a clear narrative of the content. Every book must have some of these characteristics in order to be well received and make a change in the reader’s life.

“Alif to Ya Bourse” has some of the criteria for a good book. Its style of expression is convincing, it has relatively clear descriptions, balanced expressions, and conveys concepts correctly. The authors provide information on the most important terms used in the Iranian securities market for newcomers to the market. These are the concepts that are useful for them and a good start for those who are entering the complex financial world. Of course, the veterans of the market are familiar with these concepts and do not need to refer to “Alif to Ya Bourse”. “Alif to Ya Bourse” is a book that seems to be able to be printed for years to come and not just reprinted. That means that the text should be updated each time it is printed and new market terms and concepts added to it. Novice investors in the Iranian stock market will appreciate this book and can benefit from it for at least the first two or three years of their entry into the market.

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