The book “Innovative Financial Tools for Funding Theater and Cinema via the Stock Exchange” written by Amin Azarian with introductions by Masoud Kimiai and Hossein Abdeh Tabrizi, and 218 pages, has been published by Donyaye Tasvir Publications and entered the market.

According to the preface of the book, it is mentioned that financing for artistic projects in cinema, theater, television, and even home entertainment is traditionally done through a financial sponsor who supports requests such as advertising, actor selection, and script development, which undoubtedly has a significant impact on the quality of the project and the satisfaction of the project stakeholders. Unfortunately, at the end of many projects, the project stakeholders or actors are dissatisfied with the non-professional execution of the project by the investor or financial sponsor, or what the financial sponsor had in mind was not achieved.

Azarian has a background in producing films and theater, is a senior advisor to the Secretary of the Donyaye Tasvir Cinema and Television Festival (Hafez Trophy), author of several books in the field of economics, finance, and business, and a manager and consultant for financial and economic institutions and the capital market.

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