The skills and expertise of university elites flourish and become apparent when they can apply what they have learned in the real world, along with acquiring knowledge and learning theories in universities. In this stage, students may even reject theories or even expand them and find innovative solutions. Now, how can students truly apply what they have learned?

Sometimes the best place to test what they have learned is in the laboratory. However, there are fields that do not have suitable laboratories for testing or cannot design a laboratory to evaluate what they have learned. Financial fields and related fields (such as financial management, commerce, accounting, etc.) are fields where designing a laboratory is challenging. With an understanding of this issue and with the insights gained in related fields of financial management, we have implemented the idea of the Stock Star League.

In the Stock Star League, the same laboratory for financial-related fields is provided, where students test what they have learned in universities. We have put all our efforts and resources into designing and implementing the Stock Star League so that students can invest in the stock market realistically. In the past few periods of the Stock Star League, students introduced five-member teams (one of whom was a faculty member, and the other four were students in related financial fields) and invested with real credit in the stock market. In this competition, rules and restrictions were announced to create competition among teams, and teams were subject to financial penalties for violating them.

The goal of holding the Stock Star League is to provide this opportunity to financial elites and students to buy and sell in the real market with real credibility and test their knowledge and skills. We hope that with the support of market leaders and actors, we will be able to hold the Stock Star League in various cities every year so that we can assist in the culture of shareholding and the expansion of the stock market alongside financial elites.

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